Monday, April 16, 2018


MY HIPPIE HEART had it's first POP UP SHOP on Saturday April 14 at the Wincey Mills Market in Paris, Ontario.

The weather was horrendous.  The Maple Sugar Festival in town had to shut down due to icy rain.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came to Wincey Mills, it is a very popular and well supported  local attraction.

We met a lot of lovely people, both permanent vendors and customers.  We sold 5 kimonos which was good considering the weather.  We ended up leaving before 2 o'clock because the roads were getting so bad.

MY HIPPIE HEART will be back for 2 more POP UP SHOPS on April 28 and May 19.  It is an amazing historical space, great vibe, I really like it there and I am hoping to have POP UP SHOPS at Wincey Mills for the summer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


MY HIPPIE HEART will be having it's first POP UP SHOP at the WINCEY MILLS MARKET in Paris , Ontario on Saturday April 14, 2018.

The kimonos are pressed an tagged and ready to go.  It seems strange taking just one rack but I have a very small space to pack a lot into.

I am having a RED STRING SALE on all of my 2017 stock.  All kimonos and kaftans with a red string will be $20 each or 2 for $30.

My first and only velvet kimono, Fleetwood, will be making it's debut.  After sewing this heavy velvet I decided that I will stick to silk and chiffon.

I am not taking half of what I usually do for the outdoor festival, it is nice not to have to set up tents.  I still want the Bohemian feel I have with the tents so I have packed all my little goodies to make it look cozy.. I found these cute Llama bags at HomeSense they are great for packing things in to transport and really adorable.

If you live in Ontario stop by I would love to see you.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


I had a large collection of platform shoes in the 1970's I just loved them.  I kept my favourite ones because they have a special place in my shoe closet heart.

I was married in these beauties, they are so sexy on.  I designed my Victorian style hippie wedding dress as a midi dress just so you could see my shoes.

These are my all time favourite shoes of any kind.  They felt so amazing on and were really easy to walk in and I adored the colour.

These are the last pair of platforms I bought .  I bought all of my shoes then from THE VILLAGER in Hamilton, it no long exists but it was the most amazing Hippie Shoe store around.  I loved these too they made me over 6'1" but I must admit they were a challenge to walk in which is why they are still in perfect condition.

Funny how fashion goes around so quickly now.  I have seen platform shoes online in the past few years but they just are not made as well as the originals.

Friday, April 6, 2018


I have posted recently that I am a coffee geek.  I love different ways to brew.  The latest is the Japanese Coffee Syphon.  I saw with science experiment looking coffee maker and was fascinated by how it worked.  I  read that you get the same results from a $40 dollar Syphon as a $200  one so I bought a $40 Syphon.

I comes with everything you need, the burner, bamboo stirrer and spoon.  I had read that it makes a weaker coffee sometimes so I bought a bold Seattle's Best brew.

You put the water in the bowl 3 or 5 cups.  Put the cylinder on with the filter which a chain hangs from.  Light the burner and after 15 minutes ( this is a long process so I don't recommend it for your morning coffee) it will start to boil and rise through the tube to the cylinder which is when you add your grounds.

You gently stir the grounds with the bamboo stick and make sure the filter stays down at first it may rise a bit.  After just a few minutes the goodness of those coffee grounds blends with your boiling wanter and is forced back down into the bowl.

It takes around 3 minutes for the process to complete.  I must say it is fun to watch, if you are a coffee geek like me you will enjoy this whole process.  It is something to do for 1 or 2 people on a lazy afternoon.

You gently, with a tea towel, remove the cylinder and you can pour with the handle for an absolutely delicious cup of coffee.  I have used the Syphon a few times now and it does actually make a strong cup of coffee.

It is easy to clean and for $40 it  is a lot of fun for a coffee geek like me.